Between you and me.

Through making physical the way you would lay out a million dollars to understand it’s value, I laid out the text messages from a seven-year-long friendship.

Meant to be read as a sculpture, Between you and me. is a conversation made physical. Blind-embossed, the cover is handmade paper from collected firework scraps and cotton.

The body of the book consists of 515 notch-bound pages. Seemingly blank, hints of six point text message correspondence tag-team the spine on the interior of fore edge folded pieces of paper.

Between the fore edge leaves are 171 vellum inserts with black and white images relative to the text message sent and received.

The book is housed in an poplar box with the die inset in the lid showcasing the two molds required to make embossed title on the cover—Between you and me. The title being performed in it’s making between the dies.

It is an edition of two, for an audience of one.