Image by Mollie Pulte

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, educator, and cultural producer. My practice explores coming together and publishing as an artistic practice—making public and making publics. It privileges tacit engagement to make physical the immaterial and bring forward what we know by heart.

Taking the form of activities that are between, and include people, events, and ideas, my projects are usually participatory and range in scale from intimate interpersonal situations to group collaborations. For me there is no real separation between making a home and having a studio that supports a creative practice. The ecology of my home is my creative practice.

With this in mind, I run a residency program out of my home called. In Residence Living, (IRL). IRL is a social sculpture, an idea, not only for sharing space and resources but also to identify and understand basic needs and self-limitations—new ways of making toward an ethic of care; the way we care for ourselves, our things, and one another. With this in mind, the primary goal of IRL is to create space for discussion and experimentation through the art of living. Participants in IRL are offered a place to stay, meals, supplies, materials, and access to my ceramic studio, publication studio, and sewing machines.

I co-founded the Working Library a socially engaged artistic practice and residency program that supports creative projects dealing in themes of publication, archive, and collection.

I believe food to be at the center of so many things and has the potential to impact widespread change. As a result, food and its systems have found its way to many of my projects and is often at the nexus of my work.

Currently embarking on new adventures and explorations into democratization and decolonization of design. Stay tuned for more.....

let's connect: lauraoquin (@) gmail (dot) com