You will need:

- Grass fed full fat milk
- Your favorite yoghurt from the store or
  better yet, use the yoghurt you made last time
- Enamel pot
- Cleaned glass containers with lids
  (I use mason jars)
- Plastic lids for wide mouth mason jars

Bring the milk to a light boil, ~180 degrees
Let it cool to 110 degrees

Take a large spoonful of existing yoghurt or culture and add some of the warm milk to it. Add the ~108 / 110 degree milk to the jar and mix in.

Wrap in a blanket, a towel and put in a warm place for 8-12 hours. * The longer it sits, the more sour it will become.

- Cheese cloth
- Colander
- Large pot

Once your milk has turned to yoghurt, place two layers of cheesecloth over the colander and place over a large pot to drain out the whey. (I’ve heard that you can use the whey for pickling or making kombucha…)

Once the yogurt is the desired thickness, jar and share, and enjoy.

Remember to save some of the yoghurt for your next batch.

I used to sleep with the yogurt to maintain the temperature for 8 hours, hence, cuddle yoghurt