TILL: Our Project

The chapbook for Till contains a small snippet of the magic of Till at Smoke Farm. A material exploration designed to investigate, capture, and present what remains after a long weekend of creating, writing, dining, dishing, and drinking together.

Three dinners were served. The first, the table was set with white carbon paper under black construction paper; the second, white and black carbon paper underneath beige construction paper; and the third, tracing paper on top of red and black carbon paper. This chapbook holds slices of those table settings. It is an incomplete conversation–an attempt to capture the ephemeral in some sharable way, understanding that there will always be a gap between what is said, what is remembered, and what is shared. Collected and carefully saved, the table settings included in this publication act as material traces of what happened at the dinner table.
Designed by Laura O’Quin, 32 pages in total, eight-and-a-half-inches tall by five-and-a-half-inches wide, digitally printed on 32# text weight paper. The cover 80# chipboard, hand-set-letterpress printed by Kate Fernandez at Abactors’ Hideout.

A collaboration with Diane Einsiedler

Till is organized by Chelsea Werner-jatzke and Arne Phil